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CAGR Program

CAGR Offers an organized & managed ecosystem, For Core-Finance Enthusiasts To participate, practice & To make mistakes, that will result into key learnings.

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About the Course

The CAGr program intends to equip participants with the unique skills required to analyse investment opportunities & build portfolios base & backed on quantitative & qualitative finance.

The Indian financial services ecosystem struggles to find suitable human-resource for its ever-growing businesses. On the other hand, Individuals find it very difficult to get accepted for a role that empowers them in the financial landscape.

CAGr wishes to bridge this gap by enabling tangible and efficient awareness, education and a personalized network. Ensuring that, Individuals attain the right skillset & Institutions get the right talent.

CAGr- Collective Analyst Group. The Ecosystem for Finance & Investment Enthusiasts.

Established with the vision, of taking investor education, up-skilling & financial awareness to an epitome. Knowledge sharing & Collective Intelligence at its best.

CAGR Offers an organized & managed ecosystem, For Core-Finance Enthusiasts To participate, practice & To make mistakes, that will result into key learnings.


12 Months of subscription (data, sessions & learnings)

12 Months

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Live classes & recorded lectures

Best of both worlds of learning


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Assignments & Modules tests

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Learn 10+ skills

Prepare for the corporate world.


2 Industry level projects

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Industry-recognized Certification

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Thousands of students are choosing the 'Learn -> Intern -> Get a job' route to launch their careers. Join to build your career the fastest way.


Tejas Singh Sethi

Analyst - Everest Group | Ex- DefinEquity Investment Manager

While I'd always heard that working at a start-up would be an experience like no other, was fortunate enough to witness this personally in my first job.


As bid adieu to DefinEquity Investment Managers today, I'm filled with nostalgia and gratitude. It has been an adventure so far and as am sad to leave, am also excited knowing that everything have learnt during this time will help to shape the rest of my career.


Being part of the DefinEquity's success and seeing the company grow into a emerging market leader in the investment space is something feel very proud to have been a part of. Not only was given an opportunity to interact with clients directly, I was also lucky enough to get real time exposure as to how the stock

market works. 


A special mention to my mentor Emmanuel Suraj, and my colleagues Ananya Milwani, Harshita Sharma, and Kaustubh Das for always guiding and motivating me. 


Looking forward to what lies ahead in my professional journey.

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Industry-recognized CAGR Certification

MentorBeep Trainings certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a CAGR Program certificate from MentorBeep

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Course Syllabus

☑️ Fundamental Analysis

  • Introduction to Capital Markets

  • Market Terminology

  • Analysis of the Global Economy

  • India and Its Position

  • Major Economies & their Positions

  • Currency Value Chain

  • Industry Analysis

  • Macro and Micro factors

  • Business & Economic Cycles

  • Financial Sentiment Analysis

  • Quantitative Parameters

  • Tools & Techniques of Screening

  • Time Value of Money

  • Quantitative analysis models

  • Value Investing

  • High Growth Investing

  • Analysis of Lenders &

  • Money Supply

  • Modern Portfolio Theory


☑️ Technical Analysis

  • Introduction

  • Price action

  • Plots & Structures

  • Tools & Platforms

  • Patterns & Analysis

  • Major Market Theories

  • Dow Theory

  • Trends & Reversals

  • Types of Chart Patterns & Gaps

  • Elliot Waves- Wave of Waves

  • Fibonacci: Golden Ratio & Fan

  • Trading system- Risk : Reward

  • Time Cycles, Expansion & Contraction

  • Major Asset Classes & Cycles

  • Trading Psychology

  • Investment Behavior

  • Golden rules for traders

  • The Money Machine


☑️ Derivatives

  • Global Derivatives Markets

  • Indian Derivatives Markets

  • Understanding of the Participants

  • Types of Derivatives

  • Market Terminologies

  • Forward contracts

  • Futures contracts

  • Insights of Futures Contracts

  • Derivatives on Charts

  • Price Discovery & Expiry Concept

  • Options, Buying & Selling

  • Option Pricing

  • Option Chain Analysis

  • Option Greeks & Their Impact

  • Option Strategies & execution

  • Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  • Hedging, Speculation & Arbitrage

  • Derivative Data Crunching

  • Expiry Strategies & Lottery Tickets


☑️ Alternative Investments

  • Introduction to Private Equity

  • Analysing Un-Listed Businesses

  • Building a Business Study

  • Two-Way Pitch & Deck

  • Projections & Valuations

  • Modelling & Cases

  • Negotiations & Deals-Flow

  • Popular Funding Processes

  • Angel Investing & Accelerators

  • Venture Capital & Funds

  • Venture Debt & Financing

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Concept of Trust

  • Holding Company Concept

  • Multi or Family Offices

  • Real Estate Valuation

  • Alternative Investment Funds

  • Art & Art Funds

  • Collectables & Auctions

Program Details



Easy EMI option available starting at just 3267/- per month

29th April 2023

50 Seats Only

50 seats only

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