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This workshop is designed to help you get into a Top Product based company as a Software Developer and get the secret tips & tricks for the salary hike you deserve!

Pratik Singhal

Sr. Software Developer, Amazon
Tech Interview Preparation Coach

Tech Interview Preparation Coach

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19th - 27th Feb

Live Workshop


170+ Companies Alumni


8 Hours +


Started my journey as a software developer at Amazon and now with close to 5 years of experience, I have worked across multiple projects and technologies.

And in the meanwhile have trained 100s of people in the past and helped them crack tech interviews in top product based companies like Amazon, Zomato, Upgrad, AirBus , Oracle


Pratik Singhal

Workshop Details

This workshop will help you with Improved problem solving: you will learn problem-solving using DSA, which is the most important topic asked in interviews. Crack any tech interview: You will be able to crack any tech interview, no matter how difficult it is. Solid understanding of DSA: You will gain a deep understanding of Data Structures & Algorithms right from basic topics like time complexity analysis to advanced topics like Graphs & Dynamic Programming.

Workshop Highlights

Personalized Workshop

Master your skills from where you are, with India's best mentors in the field

Dream Company Mentor

Get career guidance, mentorship, time management strategies from industry experts

Practical Projects

Work on live projects, problems & simple techniques practically during the workshop

Mega Webinar

Additional 3 hour live webinar (no recordings) which can change the entire course of your SDE journey


Live Sessions

3+ live sessions by the mentor to help you understand & solve all your doubts and concepts easily

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Workshop Kit

Get a Tech-Prep Kit worth ₹16,500 including Guide, secret tips & tricks, MAANG questions & 7 more kits

Workshop Contents


Basics of Graph and Applications


Shortest Paths - Dijkstra, Bellman, Floyd Warshalltry Projects


Topological Ordering, Strongly Connected Components


Advanced Graphs, Euler Tour, Trees


Graphs for Competitive Programming


Complete Code Repository in C++, Python and Java


BFS, DFS, Connected Components


Disjoint Set Union, Minimum Spanning Trees, Prim's & Kruskal

20+ Competitive Coding Questions Practice

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Live Sessions

Live projects provided by companies

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Mega Webinar

Internships accelerate your career

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Certificate of Workshop

Recognized by 10,000+ companies

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Access to Community

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Workshop Kit

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Live sessions by Mentor

Mega Webinar 

Certificate of Completion

Bonus Workshop kit ₹16,500/-

Recorded content & LMS access

Students Stories

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Students who want to get professional & industrial experience in 


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