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India's Only Personalized Mentorship Program

Android App development

Learn the basics of App Development to build Cloud-Connected Applications using React Native and Android Development

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Start 1st Jan

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Only 1% of students get placed in dream companies, this program helped me from being completely clueless       

to get practical work exposure.


Kanika, Placed in Microsoft

Course Details

This Specialization enables learners to successfully apply core Java programming languages features & software patterns needed to develop maintainable mobile apps comprised of core Android components, as well as fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms.

Program Highlights

Personalized Program

Master your skills from where you are, with India's only personalised program

Dream Company Mentor

Get career guidance, mentorship, time management strategies from industry experts

Practical Projects

The only thing that companies see on your profile is the practical work experience

100+ Hours of Session

Code live and get mentorship with the top-rated coders of the country.


Live Sessions

Lectures by experts to help you understand the concepts easily

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Internship Experience

Work on practical projects in organization get industry exposure hands on

Program Contents


Overview & Introduction to Dart Functions -Types in Dart String Interpolation Object Oriented Programming in Dart Classes, Instances & Constructors, Methods in Dart OOP ,Design Flow Loops, Lists and Variables, Parameters in Dart Reactive Programming with Dart Streams, StreamControllers, SteamTransformers,

Flutter and flutter apps

Set up - Android, iOS, PC App Overview Four-Step Design, Process Import Statements, Scaffold and App Bar, Parameter Clarification, Widgets - Stateless vs Statefu,Local Import Statements & Refactoring Stateless to Stateful

Forms with Flutter

Boilerplate App Code, Creating the Login Screen & how to style Containers, Keyboard, Type Customizing & Labels and Hint Text,Handling Password Inputs,Layout Control, Form Validation, Form Widget & Form State, Triggering Validation & Retrieving Form Values, Code Reuse with Mixins & Mixin Validator Implementation

Understanding Themes in Flutter

Introduction to UI & UX, Themes in Flutter, ThemeData Class - App Brightness, OverWriting Theme Properties, Refactoring our TextTheme Further, Adding Custom Fonts, Applying FontFamily to All TextTheme Properties, Overview, Understanding Color Themes, Typography and Iconography

Intro to native react