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IC engine

Learn Internal Combustion (IC) Engines to build vehicles with outstanding performance and durability. 

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Course Details

IC engine is a heat engine where the combustion of the air-fuel mixture occurs inside the combustion chamber that produces high temperature and high gas pressure. This gas pressure pushes the piston over a distance and transforms the chemical energy into thermal energy which is used for performing the mechanical work.

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Program Contents


IC and SI engines are the two basic types of engines used in an Automobile. Sound knowledge in these engines provide you a good foundation to understand an Automobile.

Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis

This module brushes up vital Thermodynamic concepts required to understand the functioning of engines.

Combustion Process in S.I Engines

This section answers your questions of  'How?' and 'Why?' of the Combustion Process.

Combustion Chambers

Right attention and analysis of a topic happens only after understanding its importance. This section focuses on providing information about Combustion Chambers.