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Advanced Python

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Advanced Python


Harish Balaji

Program Chapters

Installation, Configuration & Design Patterns in Python

In this chapter, you will learn about installation process of Pycharm and Python , Configuring python in Pycharm and Design Patterns that can be developed using python code.

Data Structures in Python

In this chapter, you will learn about Data Structures that are available in Python, built-in functions available to these Data Structures and their implementation.

Functions & Modules in Python

In this chapter, you will learn how to create a function in python with variables, Lambda functions/Anonymous functions in python, how to create python modules and access these modules, how to create Class/Instance methods in python.

OOPS in Python

In this chapter, you will learn about Object-Oriented Programming in python, how OOPS is achieved in python, Init Methods in python, Inheritance in python, Polymorphism in python, Encapsulation in python, Access Modifiers in python.

Class & Static Methods in Python

In this chapter, you will learn how to create decorators and their implementation, how to create Class methods and Static methods, and the implementation of these methods in python.

+ 2 Projects & Bonus chapters

About the course

Python Advanced tutorial covers all the essential python concepts with examples which helps to excel the candidate knowledge in python.

Course Details

Python is a very much required programming language in the current new age technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence , Data Science etc., Besides, python is also used in Application Development, Automation Testing, Data Mining, CICD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment) and what not!! After going through this Advanced Python course and necessary practice on these topics, learners can get the essential grooming to excel the knowledge in python and find career opportunities in the above mentioned technologies.

Learners from this course got placed in

CodinGuru, Zivame, Myntra & 164 more

Job & Internship titles include

Junior Python Developer, Senior Python Developer, Data Scientist

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Advanced Python

About the Mentor

Harish Balaji

Technical Lead at HCL Technologies

Harish has completed his Bachelor of Technology ( B.Tech.,) in Andhra Pradesh. He has an overall experience of 7 years in Automation Testing with Python and has worked with several MNC's in these 7 years. He is currently designated as Technical Lead.

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