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Advertising and Copywriting

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Advertising and Copywriting


Aarushi Nayyar

Program Chapters

Introduction to Ads

Advertising x Psychology

Making an effective Ad

Case Studies

Working in an ad agency

Learn About Career Paths In The Industry

Careers in Advertising

About the course

Understand how to make great campaigns and write effective copy for different social media platforms. Secure a career in Advertising, or perform better creatively. For business owners, generating digital leads through great communication will be a breeze..

Course Details

All businesses, from small stores to large corporations, depend on advertising to get their products or services in front of consumers. Putting together an ad campaign requires the work of both creative talent to plan, design, and write copy and business experts to manage sales and track results. While advertising careers were once limited to print, television, and radio, rapid advances in technology have expanded opportunities to online media as well. Learn how to get started in the competitive field of advertising. It ranges from the various types of degrees available to the many advertising channels that are trending.

Learners from this course got placed in

Coca-Cola, MTV, Fashion Street, Adidas & 139 more organizations

Job & Internship titles include

Copywriter, Editor, Advertisement Manager

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This program will enable you to


Create A Brand For Your Product


nderstand The Advertising World


Write For The 21st Century Web


Craft Campaigns To Generate Sales


Get into Advertising big brands

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Advertising and Copywriting

About the Mentor

Aarushi Nayyar

Copywriter at Coca-Cola

Aarushi is a storyteller by passion, copywriter by profession and journalist by education. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Coca-Cola and Marlboro. Mostly, she’s found by a river stream curled up with a good book but has peeped out of her cave to share her knowledge in the world of advertising

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