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Art of Selling

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Art of Selling


Sid Baliga

Program Chapters

Becoming a sales champion

The title of this Section is actually a no-brainer. I know you want to become a sales champion. That is why you are here. But the real question is whether you can visualize yourself as a winner. Else, no amount of coaching or training could help.\ If you are mentally successful, you will be able to derive maximum mileage out of this lesson and course. Although we will see some basic definitions and terminologies, what is important to realize is that sales thrives on networking, stakeholder mapping and relationship building.

Deep diving into sales types

One size doesn’t fit all, even in sales. Just like doctors, engineers have their areas of expertise or specialization, sales people too specialize basis industry, type of customers and the mode of reaching out to customers. We will talk about some commonly known selling styles and dive deep into franchise selling and distributor management. You can also watch my conversation with an Enterprise Sales Head of a large MNC.

Win them, but don't lose them

Sales is not about your product and your prospect in your town. A smart sales rep has his ears firmly on the ground to listen to what is happening around him. You can win only if you are aware of the dynamic market around you. In this Section, we will learn something more than just customer acquisition and sales targets. We will learn how to win them for life. An exciting lesson on Nir Eyal’s Hook Framework is included.

Consumer Psychology & Buyer Behaviour

Do your prospects need your product? Can you identify their need or maybe create a need? You can attempt to do several things provided you have their attention first. Learn more about AIDA and AED Frameworks and how Sensory Marketing plays a role in sales.

Communication Skills

Great communication skills don’t stop at how a person speaks. The whole gamut of writing, listening, body language, presentations, etiquettes and much more comes under communication. The ability to communicate well is the most necessary trait in a sales rep.

Pre Sales

About the course

A course tailor made to make you super productive from day #1. This is bound to push your adrenaline levels up and get you cracking on those super deals. Sales is the most important function as it generates revenue.

Course Details

This course is primarily suitable for people who are about to start a new career in sales. It gives nuances on the breadth and depth of sales besides giving timely pro tips to managing situations and challenges. Contrary to popular belief, sales in highly process driven and involves people skills, understanding human behavior, product-market fit, creating need, demand generation etc. The outcome depends on how well each of these factors are managed by an astute sales rep.\ \ Two sales leaders from the industry speak at length on enterprise business and international sales. Their rich experience is like an icing on the cake (or rather course!)\ \ On completion of this course, the learner will be able to present himself well, communicate better and handle sales challenges more effectively and also quickly make inroads into clients places thus cutting down on sales cycles and reaping results much earlier.

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Art of Selling

About the Mentor

Sid Baliga

Co Producer, TBS

"Sid Baliga, an alumnus of MIT Manipal and IIM Kozhikode, has worked in Sales & Marketing for over a decade. He has authored 2 novels, published bylines in The Times of India, Assam Tribune, and ICFAI University Press, and was quoted in Deccan Herald for his expertise in Leadership Resume Development and International Admission SOPs. He is also a Content Marketing Consultant for EdTech Startups.

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