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Data Analytics for Beginners

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Data Analytics for Beginners


Analyttica Datalab Inc.

Program Chapters

Introduction to Data Analytics

This section will take you through the fundamental analytical concepts of Population and Sampling, Classification and Representation of Data, Measures of Location and Variability and Basic Bi-variate Analysis.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is important and often neglected area in the field of analytics. However once known it is a very powerful tool for representing explanatory and exploratory information derived from data.

Data Preprocessing

Prior to the application of predictive analytics, a data scientist is required to perform data mining. Through an experiential learning approach, the course will take you through the concepts of Business Understanding and Data Treatment, Preparation and Variable Transformation.

Feature Engineering

In this module of the course we focus mainly on variable selection techniques that determines suitable variables for inclusion in modelling phase – Information Value, Principal Component Analysis, Wald Chi square Test and Multi-collinearity Diagnostics.

Machine Learning – Linear Regression

Linear Regression is the most fundamental form of regression, and a very common and widely used predictive technique in the field of analytics.

+ 3 Bonus Chapters

About the course

Data Analytics is becoming one of the most critical drivers for any decision-making, at an individual and a business level as it helps to optimize their performances and reduce costs.

Course Details

This course is an introduction to Data Analytics designed by industry experts from diverse industry domains, to gain on the job problem solving experience. The course has been equipped with easy to refer handouts, instructional videos and data cases. Every section of the course includes one or more Data Cases from real life business problems that focusses on learning by doing. There are quizzes at each step which allows us to think back on what we have learned and remember them while quizzing. Experience the data science virtual lab powered by our patented and award winning data science platform ATH Precision.

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Data Analyst, Data Engineers, Database Administrator, Data Architect

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This program will enable you to


Learn The Fundamentals Of Data Analytics


Understand The Difference Between Different Types Of Charts And When To Use Them


Treat And Transform The Data Along With Variable Selection Through Feature Engineering


Predictive Modelling Using Linear Regression And How To Evaluate The Models


Predictive Modelling Using Logistic Regression And How To Evaluate The Models

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Data Analytics for Beginners

About the Mentor

Analyttica Datalab Inc.

Analyttica Datalab Inc.

Analyttica Datalab Inc. is a contextual Data Science (DS) & Machine Learning (ML) Platform Company. Analyttica operates at the confluence of “industry experience”, “analytical expertise”, and “technology excellence”. One of our product, Analyttica TreasureHunt(ATH) Leaps is experiential analytics learning and practice platform. It's built on the framework of Learn-Apply- Solve, allowing users to learn from courses, application-focused practice environment and hackathons for the community.

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