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Design Thinking

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Design Thinking


Dr. Aruna Shekar

Program Chapters


This section gives you an introduction to Design Thinking, the learning outcomes, and a brief bio about the coach (Dr Aruna Shekar, PhD, Massey, New Zealand).

This section covers the 5 Stages of the Design Thinking Process, the key principles, mind-set and approach.

Empathy Stage

This is the first stage of Design Thinking and describes the activities that are undertaken in order to understand the situation, customers and context (competitors). Empathy maps are a useful method to learn here.

Define Stage

In this Stage, the scope of the issue or project is defined. Mind Maps are a good method to use in order to be clear about the boundaries of the project. You learn how to frame a problem statement which usually starts with “How might we…

Ideate Stage

You will learn how to generate ideas using various methods to stimulate novel concepts and also get to see examples.

12+ Chapters

About the course

This Course provides a framework process and methods for you to solve problems, innovate and create solutions. It guides you through the 5 Stages Principles and activities.

Course Details

Learn how to innovate, solve problems, and build your creative confidence through these fast-paced sessions. Grow your skills and growth mindset to improve your success. The Design Thinking Process and methods apply across disciplines, products, or services, and industry-types. The Stages guide you through the activities of solving problems or taking advantage of opportunities using a human-centered approach.

The examples and real-world Case Studies show you how Design Thinking methods are applied or where they should be applied.

Below is the Structure of the Design Thinking Course, by Dr. Aruna Shekar (New Zealand)

Introduction to Design Thinking Course

Process Overview – Process stages, Principles & Mindset

Empathy Stage

Define Stage

Minor Project – Turkana Factory Case Study

Ideate Stage

Prototype Stage

Test Stage

Major Project – Vlisco Design Journey Case Study

Enjoy reading through real-life cases and analyzing them on what went wrong, what went right, and how they went about it. Case Studies make you think about how the methods have been used within that context and the challenges involved. Enjoy learning!

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This program will enable you to


Gain Knowledge Of The Systematic Problem-Solving Process And Steps.


Learn Creative Methods To Come Up With Ideas


Learn To Make Simple Mock-Ups To Represent Ideas


Learn Methods To Test Ideas And Gather Feedback From Customers


Enhance Customer Experiences By Improving Products, Services And Systems

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Design Thinking

About the Mentor

Dr. Aruna Shekar

Honorary Fellow & Innovation Coach, Massey University, New Zealand

Dr. Aruna Shekar (Ph.D.) has taught Product Innovation for 25+ years at Massey University, New Zealand. Aruna established and served as Foundation President of the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) in New Zealand (, and continues on the Board. Appointed as Vice President (Asia-Pacific) for PDMA-USA in 2017, she has led the global Chapters in the region - Australia, India, Indonesia, and Korea. Aruna is Certified as an Innovation trainer by the PDMA (USA). Aruna has collaborated with Stanford University's Design School, Profs David Kelly (of IDEO), and Larry Leifer. She has a Gold Medal from Madras University and has won many awards (e.g. 'Lecturer of the Year' and project team prizes).

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