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Financial Modeling

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Financial Modeling


Dr. Hema Prakash Gwalani

Program Chapters

Basics of Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

The section deals with an introduction to accounting concepts, the Preparation of Financial statements, and its analysis. It is designed for those who do not have much of an accounting and Finance Background. It helps in understanding the Financial Statement analysis of listed organizations The section is covered under Chapter No. 2, 3 and 8

Advanced Excel

This section covers all the basic Excel functions which is a necessity for anyone working in excel, further the section also covers certain advanced and Financial functions in Excel which makes a learner expert in handling excel. Section 2 is covered under Chapter 4 and 5

Basics of Corporate Finance

The section covers all the necessary concepts required as a base for Financial Decision Making in an Organisation. From the definition of Corporate Finance, Concepts like Time value of money, the section covers advanced methods of Valuation as well. Section 3 is covered under Chapter 6 & 7

Creating Financial Models

After a sufficient understanding of Financial statements, Excel, and Corporate Finance, this section helps the learner create Financial Models for new organizations, for Expanded business, for Franchise business, and then for Listed organizations. The skill of Creation of Financial Models helps in taking Financial decisions like Valuation of an organization, Investment Decision, Expansion decision, and many more. Section 4 is covered under Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Make Financial Model For Valuation And Investment Decision

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About the course

Financial Modelling is a much needed skill for Financial Analysis and for making Business Decisions.

Course Details

Financial Modeling is a much-needed skill for Financial Analysis and for making Business Decisions, for those who aim to become a Fund Managers, Equity Analysts, Bankers or an entrepreneur. The course helps you acquire the knowledge and skill of creating Financial models by processing the historical data using the skills like excel, knowledge of Corporate Finance, and Projecting the Financial Statements by using the researched inputs and valuation techniques which help in reaching the investment and valuation decision by calculating Intrinsic Value of Equity of an Organisation and also in decisions like Project Financing, Expansion, Franchise decision and so on. Skills Added: Conceptual Knowledge: Accounting, Financial Statements, Corporate Finance Practical Skills: Analysis of Financial Statements, hands-on training in excel with advanced functions and charts suitable for better Reporting skills, Creation of Financial Models for Various Decisions Suitable Audience: The course is suitable for the Business Management Student who wishes to make a career in the field of Equity Research, Project Financing, Banking and Valuations and for Entrepreneurs. It's a most sought-after skill by employers today. The course can also work as a stepping stone for those who aim to grow up the ladder in the above-mentioned fields

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BigBasket, Byjus, TradeBulls & 63 more

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Fund Manager, Equity Analyst, Business Analyst

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This program will enable you to


Become An Expert In Analysis Of Financial Statements


Excellent Command Over Excel


Understanding The Core Of Corporate Finance


Decision Making In Finance Using The Above Mentioned Skills


Make Financial Model For Valuation And Investment Decision

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Financial Modeling

About the Mentor

Dr. Hema Prakash Gwalani

SEBI Certified Financial Advisor

Dr. Hema Gwalani has a rich experience of more than 12 years in Academics in various Management Institutes. She is a SEBI Certified Financial Advisor (Level I) and also certified by NSE for Financial Modeling. She has been a speaker at various FDP’s arranged by SPPU and by other institutes and MDP’s for corporate.

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