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Game Development


Ronit Roy

Program Chapters

Game Design

This section covers the basic Game Design elements that help to set up the design infrastructure of the game.

World Design

This section covers the fundamentals of designing the virtual world of the game and level design.


This section covers the fundamentals of coding and game programming, events and code architecture.

3D Objects

This section covers the concepts of 3D modelling, making game ready assets and evaluation of optimization.

Material Design

This section covers the concepts of material, physics, and graphics elements of assets.

About the course

Learn the fundamental building blocks of a game development workflow and discusses the concepts and techniques involved in building an immersive virtual experience for a gamer.

Course Details

Learn how to document and test each component
Plan a scope for your game
Complete a game first, however small it might be.
Read all the documentation on any technology you use

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Game Developer, Game programmer, Tester, Sound Engineer


This program will enable you to


Learn how to document and test each component


Plan a scope for your game


Complete a game first, however small it might be.


Read all the documentation on any technology you use


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Game Development

About the Mentor

Ronit Roy

Game Developer

Ronit has a B.Tech degree in IT from KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar. He has worked as a game developer and a game programmer in several minor indie game projects. He has also participated in some Game Jams and small research teams to explore new algorithms and set pieces for existing game engines to build use cases for in-game features spanning multiple genres.

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Game Development