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Operations Management

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Operations Management


Priya Ahluwalia

Program Chapters

Defining Operations Management

This is an introduction to the concept of Operations Management.

Understanding where operations fits into the business landscape

This section gives you a brief overview of the role & functions of Operations in a business setup

Explaining stakeholders and their objectives from an Operations perspective

This chapter will help you understand how operations activities have direct & indirect impact on stakeholders and the purpose of operations

Exploring supply chains and how they operate

Before studying in depth about operations, it is important that you develop a sense of demand/supply in businesses

Common production systems for goods

This will give you a fair share of knowledge about how products are produced, pertaining to physical goods particularly

Common production systems for physical and virtual services

About the course

This course is designed to be a primer to Operations Management. It focuses on key parts of the business cycle specific to the production and delivery of goods and services.

Course Details

This course is designed to be a primer to Operations Management. Operations Management focuses on critical parts of the business cycle specific to the production and delivery of goods and services. The overall objective of operations management is to ensure business efficiency with specific considerations around the production and delivery of goods and services.

Multiple topics are considered about efficiency, including stakeholders and objectives, supply chains, production methods, location, bottlenecks, and efficiency metrics. This course is geared to provide you with a primary survey of key Operations Management topics so that you may be equipped to facilitate decision-making that manifests into more effective and efficient business processes.

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This program will enable you to


What Is Operations Management


Key Stakeholders And Objectives From An Operations Perspective


The Mechanics Of A Supply Chain


Different Approaches To Production Systems For Goods And Services


Key Effectiveness And Efficiency Metrics And Terminology And Applications

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Operations Management

About the Mentor

Priya Ahluwalia

Chief Operating Officer for PlateRate

Priya currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for PlateRate (food tech startup with ~100 people), Director of Operations for CPIC Global (international real estate firm with ~50 people), and also a language professor at National American University. Along with 11 years of professional experience, Priya holds two master's degrees (Chinese Language and English Literature) as well as a Bachelors's in Business Administration. A serial entrepreneur Priya is a Founding Partner of MoAloo Ventures. Priya currently lives in New York City and is an avid foodie.

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