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Harshita Lalchand

Program Chapters

Linking Mind and Behaviour

This section gives an understanding of what abnormal behaviour is, its various perspectives since the ancient times until now and a detailed understanding of the factors that lead to the abnormal behaviour of an individual. It talks about our mind and brain and how they are linked with our behaviour.

Basics of Psychology

This section throws light on the Basics of Psychology by means of understanding goals of the study of Psychology and how this study can be applied to our lives and understanding the various perspectives of Psychology and it's applied fields.

Life Span Development

This section focuses on the psychological stages of development that a person goes through during his life span. Each development stage influences our behaviour and learning patterns.

Introduction to NLP and MSP

This section gives us an overview of NLP and MSP. This understanding is necessary to be able to use its techniques effectively

Perception and Psychology

This section gives a better understanding about what perception means and how our perception works.

+3 Bonus Chapter

About the course

A growing field, Psychology is a rewarding career which is high in-demand. Take this course to learn about the theories and practical working knowledge of Psychology.

Course Details

Psychology as a subject is generally included in counselling courses, physiotherapy therapeutic and other medical courses. Psychology requires studying and understanding human brain development, consciousness, behaviour, personality and related topics. This course is designed to help you create mindfulness about the psychology of everyday life and your powerful drives to understand the patterns of your behaviour, personality, learning style, motivation, memory and attitude and how they contribute to the way we and others think and behave. The course will help you identify normal and abnormal behaviour and uncover the relationship between brain, mind and behaviour. Apart from that, this course will also teach you NLP Tools and Techniques which will help you thrive in your professional and personal life. By the end of this course you will be able to gain control of your behavior, career and inter-personal relationships with ease. You'll feel in control as you pursue and complete more detailed modules. Get started today on your journey today!

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This program will enable you to


Understand Behaviour, Personality, Learning Style, Motivation, Memory And Attitude.


Be Emotionally Intelligent And Make Tough Decisions.


Understand Mental Space Psychology And Have Better Interpersonal Relationships.


Learn NLP Tools And Techniques.


Bring A Positive Impact To Your Life Through Self-Awareness.

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About the Mentor

Harshita Lalchand

Certified Behavioural Psychologist, NLP Practitioner and a Mental Space Psychologist

Harshita is a certified Behavioural skills trainer having delivered over 3500 hours of training. She has helped transform over 1600 lives across different locations in India. The delegates of her sessions include corporate employees, students and faculty members of leading Business Schools. She is a certified Behavioural Psychologist, NLP Practitioner and a Mental Space Psychologist. She also has experience as a Moderator and an Emcee at Corporate events and conclaves.

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