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Public Speaking Training

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Public Speaking Training


Elisa James

Program Chapters

Introduction to Public Speaking

Introduces the course and what to expect and the outcomes that can be achieved.

English Foundation and Pronunciation

This module teaches correct pronunciation and articulation for the English language. Clarity and eloquence in speech is of primary importance.

Breath Control and Management

Breath Control and Management

The Speaking Voice as an Instrument

Covers all sorts of different voice and intonation patterns used for speech. We also cover support muscles and powerful projection techniques.

Voice Training Exercise

Voice Training Exercises to improve the aesthetic quality of the voice and implementation of confident speech patterns.

+3 Bonus Chapter

About the course

Ace public speaking while you build confidence and competence through this course. This program consists of five modules with videos, workbooks and audio files designed to make you an expert at articulation while speaking to an audience.

Course Details

This course is designed to make you a better, more confident and articulate public speaker, whether your goal is to sound like a better leader at work, or speak on stage or on camera. The whole course is designed to support you to become a more eloquent public speaker across any platform you choose: Skype, Zoom, Webinars, in the boardroom, during meetings, on sales videos and so forth.

Everyone in the business world needs to sound like a leader at work, and some patterns of speech hold you back from being perceived as a leader. If you sound lacking in confidence, people won't hire you. If you are difficult to understand, and can't hold the attention of the room, people won't trust you. If you sound choppy, or weak or ramble unnecessarily, it will be hard for people to listen to you.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my aspiring speaker students, is that they don't feel heard, or understood or respected at work. They don't feel they have a voice! This course is designed to fix that for you.

It covers physiological voice patterns that when implemented correctly will MAKE you sound confident. The way you sound and the way you speak is your calling card. So if you are not getting the results you desire when you speak, and you want to be a more effective, confident and eloquent public speaker… this course is for you!

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This program will enable you to


Correct English Pronunciation For All Speaking Tasks


Crisp And Clear Articulation For Clarity And Comprehension


Overcoming Anxiety And Nervousness When Public Speaking


Ability To Speak With Ease And Confidence On Stage And On Camera


Sound Like A Leader At Work To Gain The Promotion That You Desire.

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Public Speaking Training

About the Mentor

Elisa James

CEO and Founder - HAPS Voice Pro

Elisa holds a Master’s Degree in Voice Production, and a Masters in Holistic Health and teaches Vocal Mastery and Vocal Maintenance for all professional and aspiring speakers. She is an international performer with over 30 years’ world-wide experience. Starting as an actress and dancer at a very young age, she eventually switched to singing full time and relocated from Australia to Europe in 1995 with a recording contract. After 20 more years of touring, recording and performing all over Europe and the USA, Elisa recently moved back to Australia. She now appears regularly on TV and film as an actor and presenter, and is booked as a speaker for live events. Elisa loves sharing her passion for the voice, and is expert in the psychology behind your vocal sound - uncovering the mental, physical and emotional blocks that affect speaking. Her passion is helping YOU become a confident and eloquent speaker.

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