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Stock Market & Finance

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Stock Market & Finance


Himanshu Raghani

Program Chapters

Introduction to Investments & managing personal finance

This is an introductory section on investing & personal finance. An orientation, followed by basic financial lessons such as managing risk & measuring investment return. This lesson covers the basic financial tools which are used in everyday life such as Rule of 72, Asset Allocation & XIRR function (CAGR), and subsequently, dives deep into the power of compounding, and its long term effect.

Investment Products

This section takes us into a plethora of investment options available at the investor’s disposal. It mainly includes investment in debt instruments such as Fixed Deposit, Post office Savings Scheme, G-Sec and Corporate Bonds, etc. A closer look at investments in equity such as direct investment in stocks, mutual funds and other assets such as real estate and gold.

Mutual Funds

This topic primarily covers equity mutual funds in great detail. It starts with various types of mutual funds, key terminologies used, and strategies to adopt while investing. Concept of Rupee Cost Averaging (SIP), calculating mutual funds return using MS-Excel financial functions. Moreover, it teaches you how to choose the right fund for yourself with detailed discussion.

Knowing the art of stock picking

In this section, we learn both, the art & science of investing in the world of stock markets. This topic broadly focuses on the advantages of long term investing and making a fortune out of it. Topics such as Ratio Analysis, Economy Industry Company Analysis, Quantitative and qualitative dimensions of the company & behavioural biases of investing are thoroughly covered.

Bonus! - Beyond the textbook

This is the flagship section of the course which addresses the main things to look out for, in investing such as the right valuations to invest in, a checklist for buying stocks, how to read the annual report, analysis of BRK letter to its shareholders by Warren Buffett and references i.e. books to read and videos to watch, etc.

+3 Bonus Chapter

About the course

Simplify and resolve the world of finance and stock markets by acquiring skills to make smart investments! A belief that you can succeed in investing and a career in Finance is the key.

Course Details

At the end of the day, the final goal of investing in Stock Markets is to keep multiplying your money. This course will help students to understand the importance of passive income, develop the habit of saving, and thus ensuring financial independence at an early age. Learn how to analyze and evaluate a business. This spectacular journey through stock exchanges demands a lot of patience, experiments, research work, risk-taking, and yes money. Understand how to manage your personal finances and secure financial future.

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This program will enable you to


Understand The Functioning Of Stock Markets Plus The Power Of Compounding


Master Tricks For Trading And Investments


Learn About Various Investment Products And Their Sources


Learn Risk Management And Portfolio Diversification


Understand The Finance Industry At Large Scale

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Stock Market & Finance

About the Mentor

Himanshu Raghani

SEBI Certified Investment Advisor & Stock Research Analyst

Himanshu Raghani is a Gold Medallist at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With 5 years of excellent academic background in the field of Financial Markets and 4 years of investing experience in the Indian Stock Market, he aims to leverage his education and abilities to expand financial literacy in various ways and to seek financial independence for people at large.

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