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Arbaz Shaikh

Community Manager


Learn--> Intern--> Get a Job

Learn Data Analysis
with a case study

Get trained, work on live projects and get certified in 4 weeks

Registration Closing: 4:00 PM, 28th June, 2024

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6PM, 28th June

20 Seats only


1K+ Internship Partners


1 Hour

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An education enthusiast with a knack for technology, Arbaz Shaikh has mentored over 10,000 students towards the right career in the past 4 years. Motivated to bridge the gap between industry and academics, he is always up to date with the latest trends and technologies and is an inventor and content creator at heart.

Leveraging his 7+ years of industry experience, along with his deep commitment and extensive experience in hiring processes, he specializes in guiding freshers to the top companies.

Arbaz Shaikh, EventBeep

Webinar Details

Join us for an insightful webinar where we'll equip you with the essential tools to kickstart your career in Data analysis. Discover how our comprehensive micro degree program can propel your journey towards success in this dynamic field. Gain valuable insights into securing future internships and job opportunities as we guide you through resume building, job application processes, and more. Let our experts pave the way for your professional growth and connect you with invaluable industry partners. Don't miss out on this opportunity to set yourself apart and embark on a fulfilling career path in Data analysis!

Webinar Highlights

Expert Insights

Gain valuable advice from industry professionals. Tap into industry pros' wisdom for career advancement

Certification of Webinar

Get certified for attending the webinar after the completion of Webinar 

Internship Strategies

Learn effective techniques to secure internships. Secure top internships with insider advice.


Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional circle and forge valuable connections with industry partners, opening doors to potential career opportunities and collaborations.

Q&As Session

20 Mins of live Q&As session with Beep's team & Professionals to get clarity on progam features. 

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Freelancing Flexibility

Explore the potential of freelancing in development, empowering you to work on diverse projects, build a portfolio, and earn income on your terms.

Skills You Will Learn

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Learn to analyze business data using Excel


Tools Covered - Excel, Pyhton, NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, Power Bi, Power Query


Learn to wrangle data from various websites


Data Manipulation and cleaning using Pandas


Learn to visualize the data using Seaborn


Learn understand the fundamentals of maths and statistics

Course Complete Certifications

What will you get?


Live Sessions

Live sessions provided by metors

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Multi Format Learning

Get trained with LIVE classes, recorded videos

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Certificate of Course completion

Recognized by 10,000+ companies

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Access to Recruiters

Get access to exclusive Beep's recruiter platform


Exclusive Internship Community

Unlock access to tailored opportunities 

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Live Projects

Gain hands-on experience by working on real problem statements of top startups

Data Analysis Webinar -Early Bird

₹ 0/-

₹̶ 4𝟫̶𝟫̶

6 PM, 28th June

20 Seats only

1 Hours

As seen & funded

on Shark Tank India

Prerequisites & Who should register?

Students, professionals, and entrepreneurs who wants to grow their Data Analysis skills


Check all the boxes that apply to you

If you clicked on any one of the boxes above, you’re at the right place. Numerous other candidates like you have used this program to get expert guidance and land their dream careers

NOTE: No prerequisites to attend this webinar

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Data Analysis Webinar -Early Bird


₹̶ 4𝟫̶𝟫̶

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