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Machine Learning

A premium invite-only community of Machine Learning experts, advisors & mentors, placement partners developers & students. 

Annu Sachan

Sr. Manager, Machine Learning, Zycus

12+ Years experience in ML, Data Science

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 10th December, 2022

50 Seats


20+ Mentors & Experts


3 Months Access


Started my journey as a software developer at Machine Learning and now with close to 15 years of experience, I have worked across multiple projects and technologies.

And in the meanwhile have trained 100s of people in the past and helped them crack tech interviews in top product-based companies like Amazon, Zomato, Upgrad, AirBus , Oracle


Annu Sachan, Sr. Manager Machine Learning

Community Details

This community will help you get access to mentors, and professionals in the domain of Machine Learning with Improved problem solving: you will learn problem-solving using DSA, which is the most important topic asked in interviews. Crack any tech interview: You will be able to crack any tech interview, no matter how difficult it is. Solid understanding of DSA: You will gain a deep understanding of Data Structures & Algorithms right from basic topics like time complexity analysis to advanced topics like Graphs & Dynamic Programming.

Community Highlights

Resume Reviewing

Get your resume screened by the best mentors & professionals in the domain

Dream Company Mentor

Get career guidance, mentorship, time management strategies from industry experts

Projects & Assignments

Work on live projects, problems & simple techniques practically in the community with other experts

Expert Sessions

Weekly sessions from experts from Microsoft, Google & Airbnb to conduct 1:1 sessions for doubt resolutions.


Guidance Sessions

10+ live sessions by the mentor to help you understand & solve all your doubts and guide your placements easily

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Internship & Jobs

Get access to verified and partner companies internships & job opportunities in Machine Learning.

Community Contents

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Basics of Machine Learning


Shortest Paths - Dijkstra, Bellman, Floyd Warshalltry Projects


Topological Ordering, Strongly Connected Components


Advanced Graphs, Euler Tour, Trees


Graphs for Competitive Programming


Complete Code Repository in C++, Python and Java


BFS, DFS, Connected Components


Mock Interview Sessions

Resume Review Sessions

What's included?


Live Sessions

Mentor live sessions 1:1 

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Mega Webinar

Webinars by expert Machine Learning Specialist

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Certificate of Workshop

Recognized by 10,000+ companies

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Access to Community

Not ordinary sessions, talk to your students 


Recorded Training Content

Flexibility of learning anywhere, anytime

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Internship & Job Opportunities

Qualified internships for community members

Machine Learning

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1st December 2022

50 Seats only

3 Months Access

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