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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Internship Programs

How do I contact my coach?

You may contact your coach through multiple means. The easiest way is through the Discussion Board on your profile. Junior Coaches and Mentors on the platform contact you on a regular basis to help you with project completion and the learning process. Also, you can get in touch with the Coach through Email, WhatsApp and calls subject to availability of the Coach.

How long is the course duration?

Courses are self-paced. Take 2 weeks 3 weeks or 3 months, you are allowed to learn at your own pace and every course is designed to cater to your personal needs, which means you pay once and learn life-long.

How can I be a part of this program?

Buy any of the course or a multi course package from the Module. Upon confirmation you will receive the credentials to login through the platform and mentors will be assigned based on your interests

What will be the stipend for internship?

It depends on

1. How diligently you complete the projects & program

2. The company that you choose to intern with.

Maximum stipend is upto 25k.

What's the price structure of this Program?

The market value and fees is Rs 20,000/-

However, for shortlisted & pre-selected students, Mentorbeep offers this program with awesome scholarships ranging from 10-65% of the total fees.

PS: There are no additional and/or hidden costs!

Can you tell me more about the 100% Refund Policy?

The Mentorbeep 100% Refund Policy entitles you to a "No questions asked" full-refund of your Program's Fees; subject to the following:

  1. You have completed less than 10% of the overall Program

  2. You have expressed an intent in written via any electronic media (Email only.) within 48 hours of receiving access to the Program.

  3. The nature of refund is on genuine grounds.

PS: We're pretty sure you won't need the refund on any of our Industry-grade upskilling programs. So don't worry and happy learning!

Who are the industry experts which teach the course exactly?

Our Mentors come with experience and are working with renowned institutions. Most of our coaches are young achievers. Some companies they represent are Inc42, Nearbuy, AIESEC, Leo Burnett etc.

I have my exams so how can I intern in any company during that period?

The entire program is self-paced, as and whenever you wish to take up the mentorship sessions, online courses. For internship you need to submit your availability during the program, we shortlist companies for you based on your availability.

2. Job Guarantee Programs

What are TechFit programs?

TechFit programs are immersive programs on Full Stack Technologies, to open doors to budding engineers, working professionals, students and other graduates. The demand for developers is huge in the future, creating a vacuum of skilled professionals. The purpose of TechFit programs is to fill the vacuum with skilled professionals as the curriculum, assessments and the entire roadmap is designed by Mentors, CTOs, and other industry experts to meet the demands.

What types of training are available through Techfit Programs?

we offer 100% Live class learning experience. The student can select the Batch schedule as full time OR part time.

What courses are available under the TechFit program?

we offer three courses under the Techfit Program:

1.      Full Stack Web Developer

2.      & 15 other internship programs

In what mode will the lectures be conducted - online or offline?

Training sessions will be held every day for 10-11 hours in 100% live mode. Students who cannot attend classes due to unavoidable circumstances can receive recorded lectures

Is there anything else offered to me besides training sessions and job placement?

We offer lifetime support from students of previous batches, mentors, guest speakers and industry representatives who have ever been a part of our programs, and alumni from past batches. As a result of this support and interaction, you will surely be able to prepare for interviews, obtain job referrals, as well as learn futuristic tech skills.

What are the prerequisites for joining the course?

Techfit courses are available to students in their final year of college, recent graduates, and working professionals (maximum age - 27). A degree or diploma must be obtained by the time you finish the Techfit course in order to be eligible for placements.

If I am from a non-tech background, can I apply for this course?

Yes, you can. Techfit courses are available to students in their final year of college, recent graduates, and working professionals (maximum age - 27). A degree or diploma must be obtained by the time you finish the Techfit course in order to be eligible for placements.

Suppose I got a job through Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner), but the company turned out to be fraudulent and fired me after three months. Do I still have to pay the fees?

Worry not! We guarantee that nothing like this will ever happen because our services allow students to gain employment with reputable companies and earn lucrative packages without the risk of fraud. Placement tracks are only available to companies that have been tested by us.

Would a person with a 2-year gap after graduation and no job for this year be able to apply?

Certainly, as long as he/she doesn’t exceed the age of 27.

I am not an Indian citizen. Is it still possible to apply for the Techfit course with ISA?

Yes, it is possible to enroll only in the Techfit certification course for Upfront mode. As part of the placement plan (ISA), we only accept Indian students with valid PAN cards and Aadhar cards.

Can I join the course directly without taking the test? What would the course fee be in that case?

Direct enrollment is only available in upfront mode. Even if you are prepared to pay us in advance, it is mandatory for you to take and pass the entrance exam in order to be considered for admission for the case of ISA.

In the Live classes, what medium is used for instructions?

English is the language of instruction. The lectures are conducted in English. Our curriculum also encourages you to develop your written and verbal communication skills, making you more employable.

The course hours are not suitable for me. Is it possible to attend the sessions at my own convenience?

Unfortunately, no. In all our courses, you need to attend classes at the designated time and maintain a 90% attendance rate. In the event that you are unable to attend your classes during your course, with prior permission, recorded lectures will be made available to you. However, please be aware that it won’t be as effective as taking live classes. Please Note - For working professionals and final-year students, relaxations are provided on a case-by-case basis for part-time programs.

Are laptops provided to prospective students?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

How do you evaluate candidates for Techfit courses?

we offer an immersive, fast-paced, online education experience. We recommend you ask yourself, Am I the right person for this course?"" Below are a few qualities you will need to be successful: Determination Proactiveness Career-focused Also, ask yourself if you are a self-learner. Coding or designing is just one piece of the puzzle. Unlike the workplace, our students become proficient with the ability to deal with unique problems autonomously.

Where is Mentorbeep located?

Mentorbeep’ s headquarters are in Pune, India. However, all our courses are conducted LIVE, in an interactive ONLINE environment,

Is there a minimum requirement for computer specs?

Software specifications: 1. Jupyter / Anaconda / PyCharm / Google Colab 2. Web browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome System are prerequisites for any computer or laptop with Internet access. Hardware specifications: 1. Laptop or a desktop 2. Minimum 8 GB of RAM 3. CPU configuration of Intel i3 processor (or equivalent) / 256 GB HDD Minimum data requirement - 2GB / 4GB per day A download speed of at least 20mbps is recommended, but no less than 10mbps is acceptable

How does Mentorbeep help me find a job?

Not necessary. we will be scheduling your interview sessions with companies for jobs which pay 3LPA+. After securing a job you would be expected to start paying from the beginning of the second month of your job. we encourage a fruitful and gratifying start into the tech industry and promises to give the best guidance in doing so.

What is the timeline of the training course?

TechFit programs are 4 months of rigorous, immersive and intensive programs to open doors to budding engineers and other graduates.

The Live online sessions are conducted for 8-10 hours every day (5-6 days a week).

Full-Time Course Duration: 16 Weeks Timing: Monday- Friday, 10 am- 10 pm

Part-Time Courses Duration: 16 Weeks Timing: Monday- Friday, 8 pm- 11 pm; Saturday, 10 am-6 pm (For Full Stack)

Will I receive a certificate after completing a Techfit course?

Upon successful completion of the Techfit course, Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner) will issue a certificate demonstrating our commitment to skill development and holistic learning. As we are not a degree-granting institution, we do not offer a degree certificate, since we believe it is not the degree that makes a person successful, but rather their skills. An individual's skill determines whether employers, clients, and management want to hire them or not. The relevant skills you possess will help you catch the attention of your superiors and achieve success. Here at Mentorbeep, we help you develop these future-focused skills.

Do I need a Pan Card or Aadhaar Card during the admission process?

It is mandatory to have an Aadhaar at the time of admission. A PAN card is not required at the time of admission, but before Week 3 of the course, you must get a PAN number. If you wish to apply for ePAN, please click on the like below


 Note: While applying for ePAN you must have your mobile number registered with your Aadhar Card

Can I leave the course in the middle?

In case you decide that our Techfit Programs are not for you, you can withdraw at any time. In the event of a dropout, here is how the fee policy works: Refund policy for prepaid/upfront: *Less than or equal to 1 week OR 10 hours of Live session: 100% refund *More than 1 week OR 10 hours of Live session: No refund applicable Refund policy for postpaid/ISA: *Within 2 weeks/20 hours: No Fees - You have to pay us nothing to drop out if you think that Unikaksha is not for you. *Between 3 -6 weeks: 50% refund - If you leave our course between week 3 to week 6, you are liable to pay 50% of the agreed ISA amount. *Post week 7: 100% ISA applicable - If you leave our course post week 7, you have to pay 100% of the ISA amount agreed for the course.

Techfit courses are available to students in their final year of college, recent graduates, and working professionals (maximum age - 27). A degree or diploma must be obtained by the time you finish the Techfit course in order to be eligible for placements.

In order to complete our courses, you are required to attend at least 90% of the classes. In addition, you are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct Policy. To understand the terms & conditions, please visit the website Please Note - For working professionals and final-year students, relaxations are provided on a case-by-case basis for part-time programs.

How will you verify my income?

In order to determine your income and employability status, our team works closely with the HR departments of companies that hire from Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner).

Do you collect the ISA payment once a month?

Each month, the amount due to Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner) will be deducted in the first week. Deductions will begin after the second month of your employment. During enrollment, you can discuss the payout date with the NBFC partner.

Do you have any hidden terms & conditions in the fee structure?

our operations and calculations are completely transparent. There will be a one-time non-refundable documentation and registration fee of INR 2500.

Is it possible to see a copy of the ISA document?

Yes, without a doubt. Upon completing our admission process, a copy of the same will be made available to you. You can view the ISA terms and conditions on our website in the meantime.

After I get a job, do I need to submit any documents?

The ISA Agreement requires you to submit any documents related to your income, including Offer Letters, Salary Slips, IT Returns, and Bank Statements.

Do I have to pay interest on my ISA payments?

The ISA is not a loan, but an agreement, therefore there is no interest charged.

What do you mean by CTC?

The Cost to Company (CTC) is defined as: "Your total salary (including variable pay), compensations, and gross income, including, but not limited to, health and fitness benefits, insurance, HRAs, and other benefits, such as rent allowances, leave travel allowances, travel expenses, phone allowances, vehicle allowances, and any other allowances provided to you by employment or self-employment."

When do my ISA payments start and what if I get fired?

It will come into action once you get placed with at or more than 3 LPA CTC job after completion of the course. In the event, you lose your job because (i) your employer/company you were placed in stops its business, (ii) pay-cut is introduced by your employer/ company you were placed in, across the company, (iii) lay-off by your employer/ company you were placed in, due to economic hardship, your payments will automatically be paused after you have reported the change and produced the requisite supporting documents.

If I don’t get an offer for the threshold amount, what happens?

Our team at our partner Unikaksha is always looking for suitable placement opportunities. Should you not be placed with a job of your threshold amount, your ISA Payment will not commence. Once you are placed with a CTC of 3 LPA or above, your payment will start.

What is the process for paying my ISA?

Students pay the ISA amount in equal monthly installments through UniKaksha’s (Our knowledge partner) NBFC partners without any additional charges. As part of the enrollment process, the student must complete this application with the NBFC partner Our assigned NBFC partner will then approve a one-time zero-interest capital, which you can pay monthly for a maximum of 36 months. Upon finishing the course and obtaining a job of 3 LPA or above, you can begin paying your course fees in easy installments.

What is the fee for Full Stack Development Program if I pay upfront?

The upfront fee is INR 75,000 + GST

What special scholarships does we offer to women?

To encourage better education and career opportunities for females, the Techfit program at Unikaksha offers various scholarship options for women. All female applicants for the upfront model are eligible for 15% discount and in ISA 20% discount on the final fees as applicable in accordance with CTC secured.

Are there any registration fees?

Yes, indeed. At Unikaksha, we are completely transparent about our operations and calculations. At the time of enrollment, there will be a one-time documentation and registration fee of INR2500 which is non-refundable.

Yes, indeed. we are completely transparent about our operations and calculations. At the time of enrollment, there will be a one-time documentation and registration fee of INR2500 which is non-refundable.

What tests must I take?

It is mandatory to attend and qualify for the enrollment assessment before enrolling in the Techfit course. Please contact our Admissions Counselors if you would like more information

Are the Techfit Courses open to all?

Our Techfit courses are available to students who are in their final year of college, recently graduated, or who are working professionals. A stable internet connection and a computer are required.

When will placements begin? In what manner will the procedure be conducted?

After you have completed your course and passed the Final Evaluation Test, the actual placement process will begin. Nonetheless, preparation for placement runs parallel to your coursework for a few weeks during the final phase of your curriculum.

how many hiring partners do you have?

With 250+ hiring partners, we continuously add to the list to bring you the best opportunities.

Are you also going to prepare me for interviews and soft skills?

Yes, absolutely! Throughout the program, we will help you build a strong portfolio, resume, and online profile, and run you through multiple mock interviews. As well as information on opportunities and companies coming in for hiring, you will also receive preparatory information. As needed, the placement team provides additional one-on-one guidance during the placement process. So don’t wait any longer to register for our Techfit courses. We have got you covered.

Do you guarantee a job after the course?

We do provide a job guarantee. We provide holistic development focused on technical skills, soft skills, and employability quotient at Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner). Despite our tie-ups with various hiring partners, students are ultimately responsible for clearing the interview and securing a job. Please read the terms and conditions policy for more clarity.

What is the final Evaluation Test conducted by Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner)?

Upon completion of the course, Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner) will conduct an in-depth evaluation based on the course curriculum. Students who pass the final evaluation are eligible for placement assistance.

Is it mandatory for me to take the first job I am offered?

That’s not necessary. We will schedule your interview sessions with companies paying at least 3LPA. As soon as you secure a job, you will be expected to pay from the second month onward. In order to help you make the most of your first steps into the tech industry, Unikaksha (Our knowledge partner) promises to give you the best guidance.

Give me some details about the Tech mentors?

Our trainers are highly qualified and certified instructors with many years of coaching experience.Our trainers are highly qualified and certified instructors with many years of coaching experience.

What does our Tech Mentor do?

Our Tech Mentors would teach you the concepts mentioned in the course curriculum and would take live classes as per the schedule you have opted.

What do students do if a Tech mentor fails to conduct a session due to their personal emergency?

In such a scenario, we would provide a substitute Tech Mentor to ensure your learning experience is a seamless one.

Do I have the option to change my Tech Mentor?

We allow a change of mentor one time during the course. This can be done as per the availability of a Tech Mentor, seat availability in a batch. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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