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Certified Internship Program

Data Science Certification

data science certification can help individuals gain a competitive edge in the job market and increase their chances of getting hired or promoted in data science-related roles.

3,560 Students

Placement Assistance

8 Weeks, 1 hr/day (flexible schedule)

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Program Highlights

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Learn online

At your own schedule


Placement assistance

To build your career


Beginner friendly

No prior knowledge required


Mobile friendly

No laptop? No problem


Build 1 project

For hands-on practice


8 weeks duration

1 hr/day (flexible schedule)


Certificate of Training

From MentorBeep Trainings


Doubt clearing

Through Q&A forum


Downloadable content

With lifetime access

Why Learn Advanced Data Science?

☑️ Career Advancement Opportunities

An advanced data science certification can help individuals gain a competitive edge in the job market and increase their chances of getting hired or promoted in data science-related roles.

☑️ Enhanced Analytical and Problem-solving Skills

Pursuing an advanced data science certification can help individuals develop more sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills, which are critical for success in data science-related roles.

☑️ Increased Earning Potential

With the increasing demand for data science professionals, those with advanced certifications may command higher salaries and better compensation packages than those without such credentials.


100,000+ companies use MentorBeep for hiring every year. So a certificate from Internshala is recognized everywhere.

What placement assistance will you receive?

☑️ Free Placement Prep Training

Learn how to build your resume, make great applications, and ace your interviews.

☑️ Curated internships & jobs

Get internships and fresher jobs as per your preference in your inbox.

☑️ Get highlighted on MentorBeep

Top performers will be highlighted in their internship & job applications on MentorBeep.


How will your training work?

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Learn concepts

Go through training videos to learn concepts


1:1 doubt solving

Get your doubts solved by experts through Q&A forum within 24 hours


Test yourself

Test your knowledge through quizzes & module tests at regular intervals


Take final exam

Complete your training by taking the final exam


Hands-on practice

Get hands on practice by doing assignments and a project


Get certified

Get certified in Business Analytics upon successful completion of this training

Program Syllabus

☑️ Welcome to Unschool

Welcome to Unschool


☑️ Python for Data Science / What is Data Science

It is an interdisciplinary field that employs scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.


☑️ Installation of Jupyter Notebook on Windows,what is Anaconda

It is a mixture of code with natural language texts. The possibility to experiment with data and see the code's results for each typed command makes it ideal for data scientists and researchers.


☑️ Statistics for Data Science

In Data Science, statistics is at the core of sophisticated machine learning algorithms, capturing and translating data patterns into actionable evidence.


☑️ Machine Learning Part1

This chapter is part of the upgrade process that happens every 3 months. Kindly continue with the next chapter and come back later to access this chapter.


☑️ Machine Learning Part2

Discover the decision tree and random forest in Machine Learning Part2.


☑️ Machine Learning Part3

The next chapter discloses Support Vector Machine (SVM), KNN, and Naive Bayes Classifiers in Machine Learning Part3.


☑️ Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is first identifying any issues or bad data, then systematically correcting these issues.


☑️ Feature Engineering

Effective feature engineering is founded on sound knowledge of the business problem and the available data sources.


☑️ Model Building

Learn the techniques to build a model and select how to choose Regression and Classification Techniques.


☑️ Flight Fare Prediction Project

In this module explore the process of the flight fare prediction project with data cleaning, feature selection, model building, and deployment of the project.


☑️ Data visualisation in Python using Matplotlib

Data visualisation in Python using Matplotlib


☑️ Web Scraping

Web Scraping


☑️ Pythion Integration with Hadoop

Program fees



Get 65% scholarship on the fees. Assured paid internships.

30th March 2023

50 Seats Only

3 Weeks Access

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