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Design Thinking Professional Course

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About the Program

Design Thinking helps you leverage principles and innovative problem-solving tools to address business challenges and design products, strategies, teams, and environments for optimal use and performance.


Approach issues by employing structured methods like gathering observations and more

Grow your skills and growth mindset to improve your success.

Apply creative solutions to innovation development and internal team processes

Analysing the real-life cases

Develop a strategic innovation toolkit to apply innovative problem-solving tools and exercises


  • Welcome to Unschool: Welcome to the Introduction of Unschool a learning platform. Explore and engage in a community, including lifelong access courses, and attend workshops by experts in the field.

  • Design Thinking Overview: This section gives you an introduction to Design Thinking with 5 Stages of the Design Thinki

  • ng Process, the key principles, mindset, and approach.

  • Discover Design Problems: Here you will explore the methods within the Discover Stage and the requirements gathering of stakeholders. Moreover, doing competitor analysis will give you a brief understanding to address the problems followed by quizzes and case studies.

  • DEFINE - Frame the Design Problem: Keeping yourself in one’s shoes will help you to frame the design problem. It also includes mapping the customers' journey to identify the priority concerns followed by case studies and quizzes.

  • Ideation – Come Up with Multiple Solutions: Each problem can have various solutions. In this lesson put your thinking cap on and generate idea sources and techniques with divergent and convergent thinking.

  • Design – Concept Selection and Detailing: Uncover the Concept Design & Selection followed by the concept design and evaluation.

  • Testing and Feedback: Feedbacks are important after testing is done. Get on board with the Attitudinal and Behavioral User Testing for continuous improvement.

  • Pitching Your New Solution: It is all about reflecting on the journey of a new product process, and some intense market research with tools and methods including feasibility analysis and PLC

  • Reflection: In this Module we will reflect on what we learnt in the course so far and give you additional resources.

How will this Program help me?

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Design Thinking Professional Course

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