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Full Stack Development

Become a Full-Stack Developer with just one course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, React!

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About the Course

The Full Stack Web Developer program intends to equip learners with the unique skills required to build database-backed APIs and web applications using ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB.


Guaranteed Placements with the best industry standard packages - Upto 25 LPA

6 Months | Part Time | Full Time

Lifetime Access 

Includes Internship Experience

Access from any Computer or Tablet

Program highlights


Live classes & recorded lectures

Best of both worlds of learning


Live Doubt clearing Session

Gain a crystal clear understanding


24*7 Support

Get constant help


Assignments & Modules tests

Test your knowledge


Learn 10+ skills

Prepare for the corporate world.


2 Industry level projects

Get practical skills


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Industry-recognized Certification

Internshala Trainings

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Thousands of students are choosing the 'Learn -> Intern -> Get a job' route to launch their careers. Join to build your career the fastest way.


Raj Patole

Consultant - Deloitte India Current CTC - 12LPA+

A typical Day in a Software Developers Job is not 100% coding. Majorly (80%) its Analysis, Designing & Communicating with other stakeholders and the rest 20% is actual coding. Prachi Ma'am, at UniKaksha taught me Project Management & Software Engineering; it wasn't just all textbook concepts. For every concept she taught us she had a real-life example on how these can be used in day-to-day life. I don't even remember we ever required any textbooks to learn these subjects. It was always a case study kind of lecture where we discussed real world problems and what could be the appropriate Plan of action to resolve them. She then, helped us realise that the Plan of Action that we just discussed are infact the XYZ topics in the book. This case study approach is exactly my Job today. In Deloitte as a consultant everyday we come across various challenges in the CLIENT business which we help to analyse and fix. Forever thankful to Prachi mam and UniKaksha.

Guaranteed job program


Career Guidance


Soft skills Training


Interview Preparation


Resume & CV sessions


100% Job Guarantee


Upto 25 LPA CTC

Top career options in Full Stack Development Placement Guarantee Program


Full Stack Developer

Be a jack of all trades and create an entire website by yourself or manage teams who do!


Software Development Engineer

Design, develop, and maintain software solutions.


Front-end Developer

Develop all the visual elements of a website that you see and interact with (like this page!).


Back-end Developer

Manage the behind-the-scenes of a website. Keep the website running efficiently by managing servers.

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Business Development Associate.jpg

Top career options in Full Stack Development Placement Guarantee Program

Industry-recognized Full Stack Development Certification

MentorBeep Trainings certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Full Stack Development Placement Guarantee Program certificate from MentorBeep


Course Syllabus

☑️ Week1- Get started! Learn the evolution of web and start the journey of learning the programming fundamentals


☑️ Week 2- Deep dive into JavaScript and its advance features around object oriented programming.


☑️ Week 3- Getting started with Data Structures and Algorithms using JavaScript


☑️ Week 4- Get started with Web development by getting familiar with HTML and HTML 5


☑️ Week 5- Getting started with the CSS - language to style the web page


☑️ Week 6- Diving into Bootstrap 5 and working with JAVASCRIPT HTML DOM for responsive web design.


☑️ Week 7- Starting with JSON - lightweight format for storing and transporting data and getting started with React to see how it’s a UI library and help us build large projects.


☑️ Week 8- Diving into the concepts of react routing and other state management, Understanding the concepts of Redux and React-Redux.Intro into Node.js and understanding principles.


☑️ Week 9- Work on MongoDB along with Nodejs. Get started with Express Js - a minimal web application framework


☑️ Week 10- Concluding with working with webpacks, server rendering, Data fetch, API, session handling a few other advanced concepts.

Skills you will learn













Program Details

Guaranteed Placements with the best industry standard packages - Upto 25 LPA


No-cost EMI options available starting at just ₹5,900 per month

90% refund if not hired!

30th March 2023

50 Seats Only

6 Months Access

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