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A premium invite-only community of Python experts, advisors & mentors, placement partners developers & students. 

Naman Goyal

Technology Analyst, Citi India

3+ years of experience in technology

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 30th January, 2023

50 Seats only


20+ Mentors & Experts


2 Months Access


Started my journey as an app developer for Atmus Robotics and I am currently working as a technology analyst in Citi, India. I have more than 3 years work experience in data science  and robotics.


Naman Goyal

Community Details

This community will help you get access to mentors, and professionals in the domain of python with Improved problem solving. Crack any python related interview: You will be able to crack any python interview, no matter how difficult it is.

Community Highlights

Resume Reviewing

Get your resume screened by the best mentors & professionals in the domain

Dream Company Mentor

Get career guidance, mentorship, time management strategies from industry experts

Projects & Assignments

Work on live projects, problems & simple techniques practically in the community with other experts

Expert Sessions

Weekly sessions from experts from Microsoft, Google & Citi to conduct 1:1 sessions for doubt resolutions


Guidance Sessions

10+ live sessions by the mentor to help you understand & solve all your doubts and guide your placements easily

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Internship & Jobs

Get access to verified and partner companies internships & job opportunities in Python

Community Contents

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General Introduction: The Way of the Program


Variables and Data Types: Numerical, Strings, Lists and many more


Operators: Arithmetic, Assignment, and many more


Control Flow


Functions: Standard and User-defined


File Handling


Python Object-Oriented Programming

Resume Review Sessions

What's included?


Live Sessions

Mentor live sessions 1:1 

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Mega Webinar

Webinars by expert Python Specialist

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Certificate of Workshop

Recognized by 10,000+ companies

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Access to Community

Not ordinary sessions, talk to your students 


Recorded Training Content

Flexibility of learning anywhere, anytime

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Internship & Job Opportunities

Qualified internships for community members

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on Shark Tank India


Community Registration

₹ 99/-

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30th January 2023

50 Seats only

2 Months Access

Students Stories

A Track record of 100s of students placed through the community