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Varun Raj
Dafidy technologies

In spite of my limited programming knowledge and lack of confidence, I joined the Full Stack Program under the guidance of my trainer. With my MERN Stack specialization and participation in their unique Code-Along Sessions, I am now employed by Dafidy Technologies, Bengaluru. Astonished and delighted by my transformation from a beginner to a developer. Thanks a lot, Unikaksha!

Priyanka Andhare

I participated in a workshop about building an e-commerce website. Unikaksha's trainers communicated in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Among the best things about the workshop was the proper explanation backed up by specific examples. All in all, the workshop was well-organized. As a third-year student, this session helped me a lot with my final year project.

Anil Kumar
HCL Tech

I have taken training in RHCSA, RHCE, AWS, and AZ-303, and I have cleared all my certificate exams. All thanks to the trainers at Unikaksha for providing me with good quality training and support during the COVID-19 pandemic that helped enhance my skills.

Raj Patole
Deloitte India

A typical software developer's day is not 100% code. The majority of the time is spent on analysis, design, and communication with other stakeholders, while the remaining 20% is spent on actual coding. 

My trainer at UniKaksha taught me more than textbook concepts about Project Management & Software Engineering. In addition to explaining concepts, she gave examples of how these could be applied in daily life. As a Deloitte consultant, I use this kind of case study approach every day.

Technical Support Head at Cloud Core Pune

Despite coming from a mechanical background, she wanted to make a career in IT. I was greatly helped by my trainer at Unikaksha during the entire learning process and in my project work. During my training, practical assignments were the main focus, which helped me land my job.

Prathamesh Ravindra Kondaskar
Cirrius Technology

My The training I received at Unikaksha helped me achieve success in my current position, as a Team Leader. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, my trainer was also a great guide.In addition to covering the topics in a unique way, she also provided some great examples. Live examples were used in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Devops tool Ansible and Docke
HCL Tech

As part of my Corporate Training, I gained expertise in Linux administrations and DevOps. I gained new skills through the training, both theoretically and practically. All of us benefited from the trainer's solidarity and amalgamation in order to learn new things. With their excellent knowledge and experience in new technologies, I was able to crack the interview and test in just one shot and secure my career at HCL Tech.

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